Team-Based Approach

At Jarislowsky Fraser, our investment process adheres to a disciplined, team-based approach, providing consistent, long-term investment returns with minimal risk.

For 60 years, we have built a solid reputation, adhering to a time-tested investment philosophy and process that has weathered countless market cycles.

Our entrenched team-based approach — from the leadership of our Management Committee to the rigour of our Global Investment Team and Investment Strategy Committee — underpins proven fundamental research and conservative investment strategies.


Global Investment Team

Our investment process relies on fundamental, bottom-up security analysis.

Before we consider any investment, our analysts conduct extensive due diligence on each company.




Investment Strategy Committee (ISC)

The ISC, our central investment oversight body, is comprised of senior investment professionals.

Its main objective is to ensure continuity in the adherence to Jarislowsky Fraser’s fundamental,

low-risk investment philosophy and disciplined investment process.




Collaborative Decision-Making & Continuity

Our team-based approach ensures collaborative decision-making and continuity within our investment process. 

Our research analysts, portfolio managers and the ISC work as a team to provide

consistent, long-term investment returns with minimal risk.



Investment Philosophy & Approach

Our Philosophy

Our primary goal is to grow capital for clients in a low-risk manner.

Since the inception of the firm, Jarislowsky Fraser’s investment philosophy has adhered to the belief that superior long-term performance is achieved by investing in high-quality businesses with attractive earnings prospects and reasonable valuations. Our decisions are based on fundamental research, with an investment horizon of over five years. Equally, we believe that strong, ethical management teams and good governance practices invariably deliver excellent long-term performance.


Investment philosopht graphic



Our Approach

Our holistic approach to investment management is built upon these five key pillars:


Graphic our approch

In-House Research

Our research process adheres to a disciplined, team-based approach, relying on fundamental, bottom-up security analysis. Each year, our analysts conduct hundreds of face-to-face meetings with management teams worldwide.

Our research focuses on four key factors:

  • Competitiveness: We seek companies with sustainable competitive advantages in industries with strong secular growth trends.
  • Quality and Ethics of Management: We assess management’s skill, values and reputation, as well as its ability to replicate past success and create consistent long-term value.
  • Financials: We look for companies with the ability to generate, sustain and grow free cash flow.
  • Valuation: We invest in high-quality, undervalued companies with unrecognized growth potential.